Howdy!! This year there are a few options to choose from. Please notice there are some subtle differences between the first 6.

Please note the tops will only be given out just before Christmas and are not to be worn until after Christmas as lots of people buy them as Christmas presents from Santa!!

I have also organized a supplier who can supply a full set of Sparring gear ( Gloves, boots, head guard, shin pads, groin guards and gum shields) for €120. ( Please note these are not suitable for world’s or European competitors ), if interested please state in the notes on the form.

Orders will close on the 5th of November (no late orders will be accepted).

Select on the form below the pictures noting the number on the image.

  • Pink Sweater // Kids (up to 11 years) €20
  • Pink Sweater // Adults (aged 12 upwards) €25
  • Black Hoodies // Kids (up to 11 years) €20
  • Black Hoodies // Adults (aged 12 and upwards) €25
  • Blue T-Shirt // Kids (up to 11 years) €12
  • Blue T-Shirt // Adults (aged 12 and upwards) €15
  • Hats Pink or Black €12