It should be understood by members that the purpose of these rules is primarily to ensure maximum benefit from the study of Taekwon-do and to create a safe and friendly environment in which students can train..

  1. Bow to the flag and your instructor when entering and leaving the school. This is to show respect and your modesty.
  2. Do not enter or leave the class without permission from your instructor.
  3. Students must always bow at a proper distance before speaking to the instructor and use words of consideration such as; yes sir, no sir, etc.
  4. All students are expected to be courteous and understanding. Advanced students are expected to set a good example to new students and to help them whenever necessary.
  5. Loud conversation, laughing in excess, eating and drinking have no place in the Dojang.
  6. Your dobuk should be clean and ironed at all times.
  7. Absolutely no jewellery to be worn in Dojang, no exceptions to this rule.
  8. No mobile phones allowed in the Dojang.
  9. Nails should be cut and clean at all times
  10. Any substitute instructor shall be treated as your regular instructor.
  11. Do not give a demonstration or teach Taekwon-do without the approval of your instructor.
  12. Do not engage in any activities that might degrade Taekwon-do or the reputation of the school or the instructor.
  13. The wearing of shoes is prohibited in the Dojang.
  14. Recite the I.T.F. T.K.D. oath before class.

Please note that valuables including jewellery, mobile phones, Ipods etc., should not be taken into the Dojang and Inspiration Taekwon-Do will not accept responsibility for items lost or stolen.